NO TAGS without permission
NO TAGS without permission
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Your photo associated to your name and profile in someone else’s photo album and available to all his friends… and you cannot decide beforehand whether they can tag you or not. This is something that could happen and it does happen everyday in social networks such as Facebook, as it does not request permission to […]

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Have you ever thought about it? Even if your configuration on a social network seems that is set to protect your privacy, this feeling could be really misleading. This new video from the #NOTAGSwithoutpermission campaign shows with a clear and simple example what could happen.     Any of your friends on the social network can […]

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Tagging without permission in social networks not only affects our privacy, it can also be a weapon that others use to cyberbully us. As there is no need to require permission to show tags on photos, we don’t have any way to defend against its effects: we are exposed to abuses coming from anyone tagging […]


During his speech at the First International Digital World Encounter (ESSE), Jorge Flores, director of FriendlyScreens, launched officially the NoTagsWithoutPermission campaign in three languages ​​(Spanish, English and Portuguese). This campaign looks for public support to convince those who have a saying on social networks to change the way users can be tagged by others. The goal is that social networks modify how tags are […]

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This animation is created to raise awareness about the risks of loss of privacy due to the carelessness of friends on the Internet, i.e loss of privacy as a consequence of what others do with your image or personal information. This is a problem that is growing in social networks on the Internet. “What do other people know about you does not only depend on you.”

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On April 19, on the occasion of the presence of FriendlyScreens in the international meeting ESSE Digital World, the NoTagsWithoutPermission campaign will be presented. Launched in three languages ​​(Portuguese, English and Spanish), it aims to  convey the challenge to millions of social network users worldwide so that we all can achieve the goal: that social networks change the way tags are configured so that no one […]

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Starting today you can support the “NoTagsWithoutPermission” campaign from within, on of the main platformspromote social change by the use of online petitions. Adding your support will make our joint effort stronger , and together we will convince companies responsible for social networks to do something that cost them very little, and that avoids many […]

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Max Schrems, a law student at the University of Vienna, has become by its own merits the protagonist of a battle that has confronted Facebook with European laws on data protection, which are stricter than their U.S. counterparts. To avoid paying taxes on profits earned outside the United States, the social networking giant established its […]