NO TAGS without permission
NO TAGS without permission


Inside the social networks themselves, multiple concerned groups, pages and initiatives have arisen, denouncing tagging without permission. Here we include some of these groups concerned with this problem that we felt were most relevant, excluding those that insult and threat (which also exist):

(Warning: We are not responsible for the content and messages of this groups, and we do not condone nor encourage the tone, images or speech used by their creators and participants, who often are very aggressive.)

On Facebook

(Figures in parentheses indicate the number of users assigned to the group or page and the reference date in which we wrote down that number. Interestingly, since our first survey in 07/20/2011, most Facebook groups have been emptied of users. We currently don’t know the explanation of this phenomenon.)



“Who doesnt like seeing someone else looking really bad in a picture? Well, maybe im just cruel, but I believe that if you cant laugh at yourself in a really bad picture every here and there, then you might just have to loosen up a bit. Too bad that this group is taking those awful pictures to the next level. So if you have problems with people tagging you in pictures that you look absolutely horrible in, then most likely you will really dislike what goes on in here. Now, I cant say that im the best at doing these, but i try. Sometimes the worst ones are the funniest to tell you the truth. What this is, is a special place to post edited pictures of the members of this group for others to see and laugh at. Captions are always welcome, but sometimes words arent even needed for what you will see here. Also, just really bad pictures should be posted too, some that might have never surfaced. I should be scared for that one picture paul has that is the one picture that i cant even stand knowing is me. Im done for. But with that said, I have many unbeleiveably bad pictures of people, this will be fun. Let the games begin.

If you know more similar groups who keep a respectful discussion tone which is not abusive or threatening, you can suggest them to through our contact page.Thanks for your help!