NO TAGS without permission
NO TAGS without permission

On this page we will collect on an ongoing basis examples of problems that happen to social network users for being tagged in photos without permission.

We encourage you to send us your story and we will publish it anonymously. Help others see the importance of this issue and contribute to achieving the goals of this campaign. Thank you!

Today I was tagged on a picture on Tuenti on top of the blonde girl that was making out on a party with my boyfriend; I am brunette. Two minutes later the tag was erased and the picture was deleted.

I was hanging out with some friends and I took a picture while partying. Someone started messing up and tagging everybody on the pic, and a friend of a friend of a friend saw himself on the picture, on the background, drunk… Obviously he complained.

Today, my friends tagged me on some pictures on tuenti of a party that I couldn’t go. It turns out that they bought an inflatable doll to “replace” me. My tag was always over the doll, which they named “Maria Blowjobs”. The nickname remains.

I’ve been tagged this afternoon on some pictures that I didn’t wanna be tagged. I know I can delete the tag manually, but I am not going to be able to log on my tuenti for a week, so I won’t be able to do it. I would rather not have those pictures published on my tuenti. In short, how can avoid people tagging me on pictures? Is there any option or software to do it?Greetings to all!

A guy I’ve never met tagged me on Tuenti on a picture with a dead body. I took it as a death threat so I registered a complaint with the administrators. This kind of things shouldn’t be allowed. Everybody saw it, and it caused great discomfort to me and my friends

My girlfriend recently uploaded a picture of us on Facebook and tagged me without telling me first. I think the picture looks terrible. My eyes are half-closed and I look stoned, so I untagged myself, but that really pissed her off. Don’t I have a right to tag or untag myself? Why does she care?

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