NO TAGS without permission
NO TAGS without permission
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Facebook has just filed a fourth amendment to its S-1 to IPO that notes that it now has 500 million mobile users, 901 million monthly active users, and that it paid 23 million shares at $30.89 a share plus $300 million cash for Instagram for a total of $1,010,470,000. Facebook also made $1.058 billion in revenue in […]

As part of the #NOTAGSwithoutpermission campaign started by FriendlyScreens, we released a video showing a common case that can occur in Social Networks when users don’t have the ability to approve or reject a photo tagged with their own name before it’s published and disseminated by the Social Network. This video helps on our demand to make […]

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This animation is created to raise awareness about the risks of loss of privacy due to the carelessness of friends on the Internet, i.e loss of privacy as a consequence of what others do with your image or personal information. This is a problem that is growing in social networks on the Internet. “What do other people know about you does not only depend on you.”

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It is becoming increasingly common and simple to upload images on the Internet. In the context of social networks there is also the possibility of tagging, i.e linking people to those images. Have we stopped to consider what implications this feature can have? Read the whole article in Spanish or translated thanks to Google Translate

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On April 19, on the occasion of the presence of FriendlyScreens in the international meeting ESSE Digital World, the NoTagsWithoutPermission campaign will be presented. Launched in three languages ​​(Portuguese, English and Spanish), it aims to  convey the challenge to millions of social network users worldwide so that we all can achieve the goal: that social networks change the way tags are configured so that no one […]

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Starting today, we made available a page on this site where we will publish examples of real situations that people have told us about photos being tagged without permission on social networks. Maybe you can tell us about your case or about someone you know?

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Starting today you can support the “NoTagsWithoutPermission” campaign from within, on of the main platformspromote social change by the use of online petitions. Adding your support will make our joint effort stronger , and together we will convince companies responsible for social networks to do something that cost them very little, and that avoids many […]

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Max Schrems, a law student at the University of Vienna, has become by its own merits the protagonist of a battle that has confronted Facebook with European laws on data protection, which are stricter than their U.S. counterparts. To avoid paying taxes on profits earned outside the United States, the social networking giant established its […]

New technologies have brought to our lives new tools and services, and with those, new customs and lifestyles. Every society requires a relatively long transition period to adapt to new social paradigms. Unfortunately, these periods have been reduced from millennia to centuries, from centuries to decades, and from decades to a few years. For the […]

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The International Biometrics and Identification Association (IBIA), a trade association promoting the appropriate use of identity and security technology, is raising a red flag on an impending “perfect storm.” caused by the combination of photo tagging and tag suggestion through facial recognition technology. The IBIA warns that this perfect storm may destroy the barrier separating our online […]

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Facebook users overwhelmingly agree that it’s rude to post photos or videos of them without asking permission first. Some even think it should be illegal. Sophos has polled over 800 Facebook users, asking whether people should seek permission before posting photographs or videos online of others.  Although a large majority – 83% – of […]

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Social networking sites need to obtain users’ “informed consent” before suggesting to other users that those individuals feature in photos that they are uploading to the site, an EU privacy watchdog has said. The Article 29 Working Party said, though, that the networks can process the images legitimately without the consent of those featured in […]