NO TAGS without permission
NO TAGS without permission
[VIDEO] Example of a problem caused due to inappropriate photo-tagging

As part of the #NOTAGSwithoutpermission campaign started by FriendlyScreens, we released a video showing a common case that can occur in Social Networks when users don’t have the ability to approve or reject a photo tagged with their own name before it’s published and disseminated by the Social Network.

This video helps on our demand to make Social Networks request permission for each tag to be published and broadcast.


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  1. Text from the animation

    Only my friends can see my information because privacy settings are “restricted” to “friends only”

    Are you sure?

    Regardless of how many people you consider your “friend” and add to your network,
    allowing them to see everything you post,
    whether you have realized or not that any of them can,
    copy, save, and redistribute anything they see on the screen,

    As soon as you tag a friend…


    it can be seen on his/her profile
    accesible to his/her friends
    and perhaps to his/her friends’ friends
    even to the whole social network

    Do you know how all your friends have set their privacy settings?
    oops!… you’ve been tagged as well!
    Do you still believe it?

    Using tags with permission avoids many problems

    See it at

    Let’s require Social Networks to request permission for each tag before publishing and distributing it

    Join the campaign at

    Example inspired in the privacy settings of Facebook’s Social Network on May 2, 2012, using the default settings provided in Spain.

    If they change it today…

    or if they change it tomorrow…
    will they notify you?

    will you notice?

    will you understand what those changes involve?

    What about those that tag your photos, will they understand the changes?